A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days governed by a particular energy or kin. These cycles are natural processes of time, allowing us to create, learn and transform something aligned with the kin of that cycle, giving us spiritual work to focus on alongside our day to day living. ‘By changing our relationship to time, we change time,’ Foundation for the Law of Time.

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For example if we are in the wavespell of the White Wind (kin 222) which is about communication, breath and spirit, we can set  intentions to focus on how we communicate our truth,  or to pay attention to where we are breathing from, or to look at how we connect to spirit over the course of 13 days.

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The structure of a wavespell ebbs and flows like the sea, with a crescendoing wave of action followed by a release…


Wavespells can be used to plot over any cycle of time: 13 days, 13 weeks, 13 moons, 13 years, 13 baktuns…Each tone or day has certain qualities and questions which remain the same through every wavespell, providing clear structure and meaning. Simply put the question or thought out in the morning and see what the Universe brings to you to. Follow a cycle, give it a chance to grow and create new habits!

Establish Base of Action: Mental Plan
Magnetic; Attract, Unify, Purpose
What is my goal?
The start of a cycle is exciting – a fresh focus. Identify what you want to achieve in the next 13-days aligning with the kin that governs the wavespell (Magnetic Dragon, for example, is a good time to kick-start and nurture projects). Plant your intention.

Lunar; Stabilise, Polarise, Challenge
What are the obstacles?
Look at your diary for the next 13-days – is there a Full or New Moon? Has a celebration fallen on a significant kin? How might this cycle provide obstacles for you? Honestly recognise that challenges occur to overcome them and they are actually opportunites: we need the darkness to connect to the light.

Electric; Bond, Activate, Service
How can  I be of service?
Electric days are invigorating, bringing together intentions and awareness of challenges, ask; how can the goal be reached? How do I share what I receive? Be open to change and collaborations, prepare for action.

Self-Existing; Measure, Define, Form
What is the form of action?
Define, plan and map out your thoughts. Consciously and constructively organise your time. With intentional aligning, we can sculpt time for practical manifestation – lessons will unfold during the course of the wavespell.

Extend Rhythm of Action: Physical Plan
Overtone; Command, Empower, Radiance
How can I best empower myself?
Gather resources, piece together dreams, chance meetings, emails….synchronicities empower everything, the world is a mirror! If we can ground ourselves in simplicity, and take responsibility for our actions, we can command and empower energy from our core. Free all that you think you are.

Rhythmic: Balance, Organise, Equality
How can I balance my challenge?
Keep creatively structuring time, and listen to your rhythm! You are strengthening your ability to respond to situations, creating an active, organic, dynamic equilibrium where you are free to choose, give, and receive from the light.

Resonant; Inspire, Channel, Attunement
How can I attune my service to others?
The halfway point in the cycle, number 7 reconnects you to the source, combining wisdom, sentiment and intellect. You are a channel, let the Universe travel through and inspire you into action. Pay attention to what is happening – what you create now is for the future.

Galactic; Model, Harmonise, Integrity
Command integrity. Do I live what I believe?
Balance and carry on with your work with integrity. When we liberate the self-censoring ego, proactive solutions follow. Am I living sacredly? Am I being fair? Be a part of humanity that unifies to reach a higher purpose, and that which appears negative will transform.

Solar; Realise, Pulse, Intention
How do I attain my purpose?
Intentions start to come to life at this stage; act with passion, enthusiasm and urgency. Keep expanding and leave behind that which doesn’t support you – we’re stepping in to the output stage now; realisations occur and directions become apparent.

Convert Action: Spiritual Plan
Planetary; Produce, Perfect, Manifestation
Action and challenge meet. How do I perfect what I do?
Develop what you have learned with clarity and perfection; what structures and beliefs hold you back? Take a step of certainty from your true core and manifest what you wish.

Spectral; Release, Dissolve, Liberation
How do I release and let go?
Re-examine and let go of what you know, without resistance or judgement, making space for permanent change. This is the time to emerge and honour the diversity and energy of life – with humility. This is freedom of the thought form as processed throughout the wavespell; confronted, discovered, shared, and released. Surrender.

Crystal; Universalise, Dedicate, Cooperation
Round table meets, past action formalised, future action prepared. How can I dedicate myself to all that lives?
This is the union of polarities, of dark and light – here, habitual patterns break. Explore relationships, communicate through the heart and open your perception knowing that all fragmented parts are one – take strength and stability from this. Expand in the mysterious, yet perfectly balanced truth of the cosmos.

Cosmic; Transcend, Endure, Presence
Take magic flight! Magnetic return. How can I extend my love and joy?
Celebrate! This day symbolises all that you have worked towards. You are taking steps towards your higher self. What movement is now required? There’s always more to learn, prepare for a new cycle tomorrow.

With thanks to the people in Argentina who first taught me about 13 Moons and to the community in Epuyen, who deepened the teachings of José Argüelles.

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