Here we’d like to share some of our experiences, and we’d love to hear from you too! Whether they be physical, emotional, or mental shifts with the phases of the Moon, or perhaps some mind blowing ‘coincidences’ that are bringing your life together from living in natural time, get in touch…..

Smile Upon Me by Blue Crystal Storm

This photo was taken in a town called La Sirena, in Chile, an area that has some of the best observatories in the world. I recommend going there to marvel at the stars and our existence! I had just arrived at a hostel and wanted to see the centre but didn’t have a map. It was the day of the White Dog in the 13 Moon calendar – I stepped out of the door and there was this beautiful gold/black dog who took it upon herself to guide me around. I put all my faith in that moment; she led me to the local market, through windy streets to the town hall – and of course to the pet shop to get her some food! I managed to take this picture of her before she led me safely back to the cute hostel, which summed up my grateful emotion entirely. Smile Upon Me 🙂


yellow planetary seed

Wavespell Notes and Observations by Yellow Planetary Seed

Emily shares her views of the wavespell and the current stirrings of the sacred feminine….

Red Dragon Wavespell (the first cycle of the Tzolkin), up to now – White Rhythmic Worldbridger (how cool does that sound? Better than Monday 18th February 2013).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been feeling like another new beginning, well, began. And it did in the 13 Moon Calendar, a modern day reworking of the Mayan calendar. A new 260 day Tzolkin started, on Weds 13th February, Red Magnetic Dragon day, ushering in an energy of birth, nurture and new beginnings including where we all began – in the primordial swamp or mother’s womb. I really felt a natural shift to start things afresh – personally, and in the world. We could definitely do with starting again in some areas, wouldn’t you agree?

It also came just after the Chinese New Year, which changed the energy from the more fiery, masculine dragon year to a more gentle feminine water snake year. Again more of the Divine Feminine I believe also to be rising at this time, connected to planets, feminism being stronger than ever and more people meditating, creating a softness, a deep love in many more than ever before.

At the same time, around the world, from the 14th to the 16th February there was One Billion Rising – a massive women’s movement to rise up against domestic violence and abuse, with events to raise awareness from Zimbabwe to Brighton. How strange that Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend at the very same time – as if to highlight the issue.

One Billion Rising, with various spontaneous flashmob dances and other creative events, linked in nicely with the 13 Moon Calendar’s White Lunar Wind day – all about communication challenge – big miscommunication between the sexes. Then Blue Electric Night all about abundance, connected to – nourished by – Source, showing if we unite with each other and the divine energy that is present, we can overcome this challenge.

Then on the 16th it was Yellow Self-Existing Seed; a day of consolidating an idea, a seed planted in the consciousness to blossom and grow – that women have had enough of their treatment and want a fair deal, a fair say, fair input in society, please. Like Iceland. It can happen.

Women, rising.

The beginning of the new Tzolkin starts with the Red Dragon wavespell which is all about birth, nurturing, feeling what it’s like to be a woman, mothering, the start of life in the womb, the primordial swamp… I’ve had these very issues come up a lot over the last few days:

My mum came to stay on the Lunar Wind Day (lunar being about finding your challenge – Wind to do with communication or connection to breath). Too symbolic, as she is a Lunar Warrior, and is my challenge in my birth wavespell. To find out more go to (but come back here!). It may sound complicated to begin with – I’ve been following the calendar for over a year and only discovered this fact about my mum this year – but it’s worth giving it time, as new stuff comes up that helps you on your path – by working through your issues, or by being in the right place, at the right time. Give it a go! It is magical.

Anyway, with my mum staying, up came mothering and communication issues – of control, impatience, bossiness, unkindness, mixed with kindness, warmth, ingenuity and love.

Then today I happened to get to talking to my friend who visited, about mothering, and what it is to be a good mother. I’ve also been thinking of my own way of being a mum recently. I’ve been shouting too much and I don’t like it, don’t want to be like that, but I’m very sleep deprived and my 2 boys aged 6 and very nearly 2, do drive me mental at times. Love ‘em. And I do fiercely love them, which is a deep drive to try to make a difference.

See, this calendar is all about growth, evolution. Stuff comes up for you to deal with over and over, and you hopefully grow if you meet the challenge and come out the other side, with something in you changed – a perspective, a feeling, a habit. If you tune into it, the energy is there to help you on your way, navigate a path. Sometimes strongly, sometimes not so, maybe a certain day’s kin is easier or harder to cope with, or sometimes I just feel too busy doing stuff with the kids to focus on it too deeply, but I’m sure the signs are there if I spotted them.

If I have time to think about it, mull stuff over, let ideas and solutions surface, it’s clear. Sometimes there are funny symbols. Like one Magnetic Day (the first day of a wavespell which is all about attraction of your purpose for that 13 day cycle), I kept treading on little silver magnet shaped clips on the floor, three or four times. Weird!  I don’t even know where they came from, but they kept reminding me about the magnetic nature of attraction. Or nature shows signs that match the day’s or the wavespell’s energy. Like during the Eagle wavespell when my fella saw crows flying alongside his car, then crossing in front of him, very symbolic for him personally. Or on a Dog day around Xmas when my son kept getting birthday cards with dogs on, and then we ended up reading about the Dog Star, Syrius, which is a significant planet to the Mayans. I was gobsmacked at the strange synchronicity linking in. But it happens, if you let it.

It’s intriguing, refreshing, and feels transformative, but in a gentle way, so beautiful – and what’s wrong with a bit of beauty now eh?

Enjoy the rest of the Red Dragon wavespell, I’ll be back with my notes and observations again.


White Wizard Wavespell, Day 7 – Yellow Resonant Sun GAP  day (4/3/13)


Yellow Planetary Seed shares herWizard Revelations

Sitting outside, face in the sun,

ahhh on the day of Yellow Resonant Sun,

thinking about this Wizard spell.

It’s definitely present.

The Eagle day of challenge was incredible, overcoming the challenge through the day.

I interviewed Robert Holden, of the Happiness project and new book Loveability – former psychologist, philosopher, great thinker of our times.

Love is the beating heart at the centre of the eagle, with outstretched arms flying over, surveying the world.

To FEEL love to combat the over THINKING mind of the eagle, Robert even stretched his arms out, eagle style when giving me a hug at the end.

During the interview I noticed my tea cup was on a John Lennon coaster (Lennon was a planetary wizard),

and Robert talked about the Dalai Lama (another wizard appearing in this wizard wavespell).

I’m just sitting now, hearing the birds, feeling the warmth, tuning in to nature, Resonant with the All, Source, Love at the heart of everything – the Universal Fire of today’s Yellow Sun day.

Plus, it’s a GAP day, for connecting head and heart, connecting with your potential.

Feeling it with ideas for work flowing continually.

Trying to say yes to everything, the gifts that come my way, to let go of control (the shadow side of the Wizard) and see what happens.

Issues of control coming up with mum and dad too.

Changing times, with everything and with everyone.




Blue Storm Wavespell 02/05 – 14/05/13)


Emily aka Yellow Planetary Seed shares her experiences of Living with the Storm….

Wow. I really felt all aspects of the Blue Storm this wavespell. Did you?

I certainly had some darker, cloudier moods – when up until this 13 day period I‘d not had any down days for ages, as living with this calendar and in the countryside keeps me mostly positive and sane in the mayhem of my modern life, and raising children.

I had flashes of insight, periods of lightning bright clarity, and periods of rumbling, brooding feelings about past, present and future. Tears, and strong, sudden emotions and changes in energy.
Lisa Star or Resonant Truth ( said the Blue Storm wavespell would be: ‘fast, furious, and gently washing us clean, catalyzing energy, the quickening of cathartic release of what’s been stifling, stagnant.’

Probably going to visit the parents, on the Yellow Lunar Sun day – with them currently separating, so my dad not there and my mum heartbroken – was going to create some uprising of Storm emotion. It clearly revealed the spell’s challenge of the Moon and analogue of the  Sun, that there is always light and dark, sunlight and shadow, positivity and negativity, enlightenment and stagnation.

This day was also my man’s Gregorian birthday, so the sign it fell on (Yellow Lunar Sun), will be the essence of his year. Many layers to help understand and guide us through the passage of time.

So, I worried that a family home visit, at this turbulent time, would be more loud thunderclaps of fury and blustery agro, but instead I felt in the centre of their storm, trying to be calm, but really buffeted by their pain, helpless as their emotions swirled around me and in my mind and heart, weathering the storm as it rolled around.

Red Electric Dragon, representing the primordial mother energy, revealed the nourishment mothers give, but also the neediness. Then White Self-Existing Wind – symbolising the spirit father – showed the shadow side of communication, the unease of connecting with my own father, a Blue Spectral Storm, clearly having his own crazily changeable Blue Storm Year. More layers upon layers of Storm relevance, makes it a joy, if painful sometimes, to live it so deeply.

I needed the long bath the next day (Blue Overtone Night) when back at my home, to cleanse away my emotions of guilt, sadness, blame. Another day of feeling down until simple shopping with the family brought me out of the doldrums to focus on the abundance of good stuff and loving emotion I have in my life. Blue Night is also about the home, and it felt good to have a thorough sweep and mop of the all the floors downstairs, again symbolically clearing out stagnant energy (as well as crumbs and fluff).

The Yellow Rhythmic Seed day, also guided by the Seed, was an exciting day of insight and inspiration for what I know I have to put into action, but being a Seed myself, I know it will take time and patience and the right target to get it flowering.

Red Resonant Serpent, day seven of the wavespell, once again mirrored the energy of the year being a Blue Resonant Storm year. Today was fast-moving, a complete turnaround in energy halfway through the day, as we came together as a family, to do the right thing, for others and ourselves, in the nick of time. Suddenly the Serpent energy went from slithering along the floor, to shedding a skin and rising to the challenge to move fast for survival. We got a call to say a dear relative was in his last days, so we all finished what we were all doing, and by 1pm were on the road to visit him on the other side of London. Obviously, it
was a very emotional experience, with, of course, tears, but again, light and
shade, sadness at the loss of life and pain that causes, but happiness to see so
many of his family there and share in the good times past. This was also a
portal day, an extra intense energy day, and we really felt life shift up a

From then on, it was various little things that highlighted the day’s energy:

On White Galactic Worldbridger Day (9/5) I re-experienced the feeling I’d felt during the Worldbridger wavespell recently, a death to old ways of being in the world – to feeling depressed, isolated, scared, affected by the turbulence of others –  and that connecting to all – for love, nourishment, inspiration – was the way forward.

Kayapacha’s amazing weekly astrology Pele Report ( also reflected this intense time of letting go  – synchronistically, the Blue Magnetic Storm day at the start of this wavespell was also the start of the 11th (of 13) moons a year – Spectral Moon is also all about letting go. He explains how we’re in the middle of the eclipse season as well as other intense astrological movements going on right now. His mantra for this very week, aired in his report on White Galactic Worldbridger day was:

My response to life will show,

What emotions need to go,

So on my path, the light will shine,

The fear of failure no longer mine.

I love it when it all comes together, when Western astrology, wider consciousness and the 13Moon calendar all synchronises. Despite knowing and experiencing this, over the weekend, on the Red Spectral Moon (Saturday 12/05), I felt really up and down again emotionally. But then if Red Moon is all about the flow of universal water, connected to the moon, and emotions, and the Spectral energy is about falling apart, things crashing around your ears, what did I expect? It’s mad when it just plays out in front of you, involving you. It’s not something you can dictate. You can only predict it and then see how it shows up in your life and how you experience it.

So I was relieved to get to the White Crystal Dog day, happy to finally just ‘be’, as a dog is, happy, smiling, tail wagging, enjoying others’ company. I wasn’t caught up in my head’s too-ing and fro-ing of feelings for once this whole wavespell. As the Storm wavespell ended I started to feel more clear connection to the human clan, again with it’s brightness and shadows, which we’ll get to explore together in the next wavespell of the Yellow Human. Here’s hoping it lifts us higher than we ever thought humanly possible.

sembrando semillas