Ever since I started following the 13 Moon Calendar in Argentina 2011, a strange chain of synchronicities has led me on to living a more connected way of life; with nature, with others, with my self. The emotional ups and downs, the feelings of elatedness and frowning of brows still come like waves, yet with a deeper understanding and sense of magic….I embrace all that comes through the learning process and commit to healing. The challenges are worth every single step. It is always up to the individual to follow their own path and recognise what works for you – this calendar is one tool in a pool of many that helps us remember who we are, reminds us how to live in harmony following natural cycles of time, therefore reconnecting with nature and our neighbours….I hope to share some of that with you.

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I used to work for a daily newspaper, the Metro, and as heart-rushing as that experience once was, my soul felt trapped behind the media’s negative take on the world. In a twist of fate I joined British explorer Ed Stafford in Brazil and walked some of the mighty Amazon river with him (check out the Portfolio page for the article). This was the start of a life-changing adventure….

As with most travellers, the voyage of self-discovery was a mix of wonder and pain, inner and outer world breaking and uniting. I spent 18months pushing myself to learn and integrate and was blessed with opportunities of growth: one of those crucial turning points in consciousness was when I stayed with a 13 Moon community tucked away in the mountains of the Lake District region in Argentina. The people here follow a modern Maya wheel of time (check out this page for more info) – this experience changed how I value time and it seems to make sense to me combine it with the standard Gregorian calendar for a fuller day-to-day experience….I have continued to follow and study the calendar since I left.

After my brief time there, I settled in enigmatic Cusco, Peru, finding creative ways to survive and really facing the depths of my shadow. I learned how to live hand to mouth – whether I was selling food or jewellery in the market, working in a hostel or volunteering on community projects and farms, teaching piano or busking on the streets, I discovered a great deal of faith that everything was going to be fine and the universe always looked after me, putting the right people and circumstances my way.

By the time I came back to London I was exhausted and confused for many months. What is my purpose? How can I serve? How can I integrate all that I learnt? Writing for publications I resonate with and respect, such as Positive News, Life Arts Media, and Kindred Spirit have enabled me to get back into the flow of telling stories and I have come to accept that I don’t have the answers, and perhaps I never will…..but slowly, beautifully, everything is unfolding and everyday is a blessing. I am exploring how I can be of service and balancing between the worlds of materialism and spirituality….and still the calendar gives me much guidance. It hasn’t been easy, but then again, that’s part of it! And the synchronicity lovingly never stops….

Meditation is key.


The soft wind rustling through the trees,

Bees humming, flying on the breeze,

Connecting, following life force energy.

We seek what we think we need

And abandon what’s right before our eyes,

But Nature does not lie.

Yearning, learning, discovering what life means;

We’re all right where we’re supposed to be.

Sharing, daring, sometimes stuck, sometimes caring,

Lost and found, safe and sound

Believe in the Light all around

I am another you, You another me.

Ever true, ever unfolding,

This dawning of time – this dawning of WE,

No more duality;

We create our reality of peace.