This is the Sacred Maya Calendar, the Tzolkin. It is an endless count of days, cycles, and synchronicities which provide deeper meaning to the every day in contrast to the Gregorian calendar. The 20 Seals of the Solar Tribe run down the column on the left, their Maya names on the right. These archetypes, combined with a series of numbers, are the building blocks of the 13 Moon calendar.

Welcome! Together let’s explore a new but old concept of time…

Our ancestors lived much more harmoniously with nature than our chaotic society does today. They looked up in wonder at the moving stars and planets, the moon and sun, and were able to rhythmically align their days with these cosmic patterns. They were connected to the earth and understood the truth of cyclical time.


As the centuries passed and humans evolved, we came to believe that we were at centre of the universe and that we could control time. The man-made Gregorian calendar, the subsequent structuring of the working week and the mechanical clock all removed us from the natural rhythms of time and the infulential movements of the planets. Time became linear and equal to making money.

We’ve been through great ages of science, technology and civilisation but we’ve also been through terrible wars of destruction and poverty and greed. Our planet is scarred by our own hands and the constructed systems that once shone like beacons in the dark are crumbling as they offer little trust on the human level and even less satisfaction for the soul.

In this 24hour world based on materialism and money, stress has become the norm and mass society has gained a swift ability to undermine our intuition, core values and true potentials. There is nothing wrong with creative structuring or earning money – it is simply an energy with which we learn to flow with, but we have become so obsessed with it, we have created a sickness in the mind and forgotten basic human conduct, how to heal ourselves, how to communicate with each other, how to honour the respectful, simple, and magical ways of life we once knew. These got left far behind in favour of the ego’s recognition.

How has this affected us spiritually? 

Perhaps this has all been part of the plan because at present, we are seeking answers like never before and there are many people doing fantastic work for the planet and our consciousness. Esoteric wisdom and teachings that were once hidden are available everywhere, people more readily talk about their spiritual paths and viewpoints, and alternative healing is recognised around the world. This has been a long time coming, these changes have been prophecised for years. In 2013, people are waking up wanting to taste reality for what it really is….a beautiful dream. What a wonderful time to be alive!

Our consciousness has the power to free us all.

Once we accept who we are for all our light and shadows, our emotional patterns, scars, stories and dellusions, we can dettach ourselves from them and get out of our reactive egos; we can integrate and go and above and beyond what we ever thought possible. We are greeted by a world of synchronicity, opportunity, creativity, and restoration – that doesn’t dismiss the world of challenge, disappointment, doubt, fear or exhaustion. It’s all part of the same experience and we learn how to be magnanimous. We can unite the masses through art, science, religion and philosophy if we so choose. We don’t have to fight any more. Every day is a blessing and together, we can create positive changes….


There are many ways that people can get back in touch with their essences and live a more harmonious path, through diet and lifestyle for example….I have found that by integrating the mechanical clock with a more natural one, following the cycles of the moon, life seems to flow and fit together with less struggle.


The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar is a tool that can help us reconnect to ourselves, to our neighbours, to our planet.

Following the cycles of the Moon is easy (there are 13 moons a year, look here for more info) and links us back to ancestral/native teachings, however, what makes this calendar come to life is realised through the Tzolkin. The Maya were an astonishing civilisation advanced in astrology, mathematics, and architecture. They peaked in southern Mexico and Central America AD 250-900 – their abilities remain a mystery to us this day. The Tzolkin is part of a larger calendrical system, the Ha’ab, and through these conjoining counts based on galactic alignments, we learn the natural order of synchronicity (first coined by Jung as ‘an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated’). The Maya, past and present, have a better understanding of matter, energy, and psychic abilities than we do today


The 20 day glyphs and the 13 tones around Hunab Ku, the energy centre beyond our Sun. 

The Maya symbols were translated by artist and activist Professor José Argüelles some 30 years ago, who harmonised the model for us to digest in these modern times. This matrix represents the spiralling nature of time and reminds us of the intimate and sacred connections in life, bringing back a sense of the mystical to the every day.

In 90 countries around the world people are following this calendar and practising its methods. There are communities known as Gardens of Peace which promote a sustainable way of life with daily intentions on cleansing the mind of the time=money system and learning that time=art. Meditation, prayer, collective intention and organic farming, creative expression, studying….planting seeds for the future!

The Banner of Peace symbol proposed by Nicholas Roerich in 1935  is an emblem for 13 Moon followers around the world; the three circles represent all Art, all Science, and all Spirituality united in cyclical time as one truth.

In Lak’ech – I am another yourself, a Maya greeting. At the core of the teachings, we understand that we are mirrors for each other to learn.

This is the year of the Blue Resonant Storm in the calendar, a time of spiritual change and profound transformation for all…this is the Dawn of the Storm.

blue resonant stormFollow a cycle and see what happens!

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